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With Kara Wada, MD & Jennifer, Autoimmune Dietician


Tired of Feeling Like Nothing is Working?


Here’s why most programs don’t work for us…

As driven career women with Autoimmune illness, our natural tendencies along with the crippling fatigue make most plans difficult to follow. 

  • Too fatigued- There’s no energy to get through the day let alone adding in anything else to the mix.
  • Too stressed- We often feel overwhelmed as it is, and are crippled when we can’t get something exactly right.
  • Too much elimination- We feel deprived of our energy, favorite activities, foods, and fun.

All of these factors set us up for a negative spiral which is why most programs don’t work for us. 

Especially when we think we should know better. 

They don’t teach us this in college or university…

Sure, you may already know about diet, sleep, and exercise. But if you have tried everything and are STILL struggling with your symptoms, there’s a chance that what you’re looking for is not going to be found in the latest anti-inflammatory diet trend.

It’s Time To Make Sustainable the New Sexy.

With one-on-one guidance and group support, you will find Air Squared to be a safe space to celebrate your wins, share your struggles, and overcome barriers.



A life-changing experience designed for busy women with chronic illness who are ready for an overflow of energy, reduce chronic low-grade inflammation, experience mental clarity & better mood & live like a warrior Goddess in their life. 

It includes everything you need to reboot and reenergize! 

Imagine having complete freedom around your immune system health. 

It’s a bold promise to make. We know. But by the end of this program, you’ll have:

  • A naturally healthy relationship with your body and food without anxiety or complex math equations. 
  • The amazing feeling of comfort in your own skin.
  • More mental space to enjoy your life - think about what you'll achieve when the constant brain chatter around your health and food is gone. 
  • The confidence to fully participate in family events.
  • The tools you need to tackle the fatigue, brain fog and depressed moods.

It's time for a program that skips the long list of supplements and focuses on your long-term success! 

Designed by someone who gets it..

Jenifer and I have spent hours curating the best experience for you inside Air Squared. This was the program I (Kara) wish existed when I was searching for a solution. Inside, Jen & I hold nothing back so that you have every single tool you need to experience incredible transformations you really deserve.

Prescriptive evidence based anti-inflammatory eating plan 

You will keep a food & symptom journal to help you identify your unique trigger foods. Jenifer will then help you with designing an anti-inflammatory eating plan that fits your lifestyle, schedule, food preferences and unique trigger foods. We believe in a tailored approach. No restrictive meal plans here. Jenifer will give you tools to adapt your eating habits so you are ready for the best travel experience, enjoy social events, and follow anti-inflammatory eating even when your schedule gets busy. 

Weekly hot seat coaching calls with Kara & Jenifer 

This will be a sacred space to get your questions answered, share your wins so we can celebrate you, share your struggles so we can help you overcome them. It's the space where women working towards the same goals going through very similar struggles come together to celebrate each other and cheer each other on hard days. 

Long-Term Support

This short course is 60 days to give you enough time to learn the tools and techniques, apply them in your life, and see results.

We also offer long-term maintenance support options as well - AIR2 Collective (monthly membership coming soon!)

"That helps me feel a little better and I think it totally makes sense. I was so focused on this application/submission for work and I think I was feeling run down and my body was wanting more energy, to preserve my spoons. But at least I didn't flare and there were some wins! I also know I have a tendency to drop routines when I'm really busy and I was more conscious about that and didn't let it happen quite as much as normally would have before."

- Client

"Thank you so much for your help you took 7 years of stress regarding foods (What I should and should not eat) away I now have a simple way to build meals and eat better! I find that I had no flares during my menstrual cycle which is big for me as they have always been an issue. I find I can get to sleep faster and sleep for longer!"

- Danielle



I scoured the internet for a program that catered to my specific needs as a busy professional with Sjogren's. I came up empty-handed! 

I finally stumbled upon Jenifer, a registered dietician who said that she could help me stop stressing about food forever.

I was skeptical, but this was the one thing that I hadn’t tried yet. I took a leap of faith and made the investment.

What she taught me allowed me to normalize my inflammation labs, regain my vitality and learn non-restrictive sustainable eating patterns.  

It was life-changing.

I became obsessed with helping other type-A women with autoimmune conditions who I knew were still struggling. 

So what did I do?

I obtained my certifications in Lifestyle Medicine and Life Coaching & partnered with Jenifer to build this program based around science-supported anti-inflammatory living principles, health, and life coaching techniques! 

Start My Journey!







Allergy  & Immunology, Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Sjogren’s Patient AND Certified Life Coach

As a busy immune system physician and mother, I was so embarrassed and humiliated that I couldn’t get a handle on my Sjogren’s symptoms. I tried all kinds of programs, but none of them were sustainable, and most didn’t work with my busy schedule.  So many were touting expensive testing supplements without any proven benefits. 

Through it all, fatigue and flares persisted. 




I am a registered dietitian and daughter of a chronic illness warrior.

I believe that eating healthy does not have to be boring, time-consuming, or expensive. I am extremely passionate about helping women with chronic illness adopt an anti-inflammatory, gut-healing eating pattern without unwarranted food eliminations.


What Our Clients Say

"Flares are less frequent and less severe (its been a few weeks since the last one), weight loss of approx 12-15 pounds, I have more energy and exercising more frequently, and I see my self more empowered and accountable of my life."
- Desiree
"I have amazing energy, which lasts throughout the day, I haven’t had ANY flares which is incredible since I was having them daily in the evenings for 4 months before this and feeling exhausted by 6pm. I’ve been away twice with my family and not worried about whether I’d have any flares to deal with and best of all for me, I have been able to care for my 2 year old independently..."
- Siobhan
" I feel more in control. I feel like I have tools that work (mindful eating) and I am getting practice with them in scenarios that usually I just overeat in. I feel really good in my pants. I put on a pair of pants that I hadn't worn in about a 10 days and suddenly there was all this room in the thigh area. I was very surprised."
- Lori

This Program is for you if…

  • You are struggling to stay afloat amid the unrelenting fatigue.
  • You’re used to being in control and you don’t ask for help often but…
  • You have tried just about everything and nothing has worked long term.
  • You feel like you should already be able to do this because you’re educated, driven, and successful, right?
  • You’ve finally reached a point where you refuse to continue struggling with your immune system for the rest of your life.
  • You don’t have the answers yet, but you are determined to figure this out, once and for all. 
I'm ready to join

Choose your plan and start your journey.

AIRsquare is a program designed for busy women with chronic illness who are ready for an overflow of energy, reduce chronic low-grade inflammation, experience mental clarity & better mood & live like a warrior Goddess in their life. 

Option 1: AIRsquared Self-Paced Portal $399

What is included:

8 modules to set you up for success in leading an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. 

Topics include: 

  • Food triggers
  • How to keep a food & symptom journal and identify your triggers
  • Reading nutrition labels to help you buy the best packaged foods & avoid the ones that contain your triggers
  • My signature Nourish to Flourish meal method to help you effortlessly build anti-inflammatory meals & snacks on the go
  • How to create a thriving gut microbiome that's currently messed up by your autoimmune illness & lifestyle factors 
  • Micronutrient deficiencies that lead to osteoporosis, fatigue, brain fog, and low energy
  • Supplements 
  • Flare management including hormonal flares
  • Eating out 
  • Exercise nutrition
  • Breaking free from emotional/stress eating 
  • Sleep and stress management with food & lifestyle 
  • And new ones as they come up in the community

Also includes: 

  • Weekly anti-inflammatory meal plans with recipes and grocery lists
  • Handouts & templates 
  • Private community for accountability

Option 2: AIRsquared Intensive- our signature 8-week program $888

In addition to everything listed above our signature program also includes:

  • Food & symptom journal review by Jenifer and detailed, individualized feedback based on the review
  • 4 Live group sessions with Dr. Kara for integration, overcoming barriers, and challenges (will be recorded and replays will be available). 
  • 4 Live group calls with Jenifer to answer your individual questions and celebrate your milestones. 



Option 1- Portal



Option 2: Intensive


2 monthly payments


Option 2: Intensive


Paid in Full

Bonus 1:1 coaching session with Dr. Kara


"I hope that you know how much you have helped me. I understand a lot more about where I was going wrong in my eating. I also gained a lot of hope and encouragement from our sessions. I was pretty discouraged coming into 2022. Thank you for walking me thru everything. It is so great to put on my clothes and not feel tightness. I realized after our last session that I want to feel strong and powerul in my body. I know you have been trying to get me to increase the intensity of my exercise and I will. I want to be able to enjoy physical activity. And, I understand that by increasing my muscles, I will increase my metabolism. Thank you again for all your help and teaching. "

- Client

"Less flare days, less inflammation and swelling, improved relationship with food-mindful eating, eating to take care of myself. Paying attention to how I feel about my food. Cholesterol and triglycerides blood work improved to "in range" levels. Less fatigue, and pain. The information, coaching, and support really make a big difference in creating a sustainable lifestyle, instead of the back and forth yo-yo diets, results, etc. The information and module training really helps to understand how food-related to health. The anti-inflammatory lifestyle really assists in the healing process and helps maintain health."


"I am really amazed at how changing my diet has made my health so much better! I've had so many people ask me what I'm doing different. I think that they're expecting me to say I am on a new medication and they look surprised when I say I changed my diet! I had a small flare after flying home from Hawaii, but I made my beet juice and made lentils with turmeric, etc. andI was good to go! Thank you! I'm amazed at how much better I'm doing. I have energy to exercise, I have less pain, it's also good!"